Thursday, October 8, 2015

Unexpected Encounter – To Move or Not to Move

Jumping from the past to the present, I'd like to mention something that I completely did not foresee while thinking about the gameplay and of course it happened and I had to urgently find a solution for this problem.
The problem was unwillingness of some active players to advance to next levels. They would play, develop their towns, do their researches, attack either map objects (which was ok) or other players (which was not quite ok as it was pretty much farming, which I was trying to avoid in Undecima), and they would refuse to collect any Soul Gems to move on to the next level. The reason is understandable – it's easier to play on lower levels and there are more inactive and weaker players on those levels for raiding and flexing your muscles – but the result was not what I had in mind for the game and besides, it was putting off and even scary for new players to see fully developed towns with players that have 100K+ score located just a dozen fields away from them. 

After some serious brain wracking I had about a dozen of possible ways to neutralize this situation and encourage players to move on. Some of them included putting caps on development and research depending on your Map Level, isolating new players even more, adding restrictions on the number of troops you have on each level, or even advancing stronger players to the next level without collecting them a proper number of Soul Gems to activate a Soul Orb… But I did not like either of them.

… Will be continued next week :)…

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