Monday, August 3, 2015

The Beginning

The idea of creating Undecima came to me about seven years ago, but the background for this likely formed much earlier in my childhood. I remember myself when I was ten years old or even younger, shading different countries in my school geography workbook and assigning troops and resources for them, depending on their population. A pair of dice was my universal random number generator and a box of colouring pencils was my graphics interface. I have created quite a few little board games to play with my friends at that time and later on, but that was all very domestic and didn't get out of the family and friends circle.

Well, seven years ago or so, I was playing one of the online strategy multiplayer games popular at that time and got bored and even mildly annoyed with all little and not very little things that to my understanding could be much better and would make the game much more interesting. Being already a programmer at that time, I thought "Why don't I try creating then something that will be not boring or annoying – and the idea of creating Undecima was born.

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